Gun Game 2.0 (Fortnite Creative Gamemode)

This is another piece of client work for Shride, a Fortnite creative map builder.
It is a squeal to the previous Gun Game map he made and thus the 2nd time doing a trailer for him.

All shots were recorded in Fortnite Replay using scene's I directed with two other actors.
All scene's were directed to demonstrate the core concept of gameplay which is;
"Play in a free-for-all mode with every kill rewarding a new weapon. Climb through the ranks of weapons and race to get a kill with the last one".

This means that scene's had to show multiple players against each other that also show weapons being swapped after getting an elimination. So the goal was to use the maps environment and lanes to chain kills together that hype up the viewer watching.

All the scene's were also purposely directed to fit the cut-down of the music track and guide the viewers eye through the trailer.

(Video showcasing the on-going focal points throughout the trailer coming soon)

Gun Game 2.0 Trailer