Official Fortnite ZoneWars LTM Trailer

I was contacted by Epic Games to work on a trailer for an upcoming Limited Time Mode on Fortnite.
A game with millions of daily players and 10's of millions of followers on social platforms.

Working on this trailer was a freelance project that saw me take the lead. Alongside review sessions and capture sessions with other Epic employee's.
Although they made it clear it was my project, there was a good amount of collaborative idea bouncing, support and guidance.
The only thing that I did not do was the Title Cards and Endslate.

I planned and concept'd Ideas, chose the song, directed all capture sessions and did all editing and SFX design.

Their official upload: (800k+ views)
Twitter post: (320k+ views)
Instagram post: (2.9 million+ views)

Fortnite - Zone Wars