Fortnite Gun-game Trailer (Community Creative made map)

This was client work with a Fortnite Creative map-maker. Advertising his new map & gamemode called 'Gun-Game'. A free for a mode when each kill gives you a new weapon. The goal is to race to the last weapon (20 kills) to be the winner.

With this trailer, I experimented with a lot and took some risks.
Although things are not perfect with the timing of the song and how the song ends (I feel like some things are squished in a bit to fit certain key sync points).
Overall I am still happy with the result and think it excels in some area's I have not been able to touch much before!

This project saw me direct 3 actors at a time for each scene. All scene's were planned before capture, taking inspiration from the song.

The trailer was featured on the official Fortnite Creative Twitter. And Fortnite's official Japanese Twitter.

Fortnite Gungame Trailer (Read Description)